The major issues of our time are fertile ground for AI innovation.

At Sprout AI Studio, we partner with visionary founders to tackle some of humanity’s biggest challenges with artificial intelligence. Together, let's build ventures that matter.
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Introducing Sprout AI Studio - A new chapter in venture building where artificial intelligence and redemptive imagination converge to address the major issues of our time. We're on a mission to launch 15 groundbreaking AI ventures in the next 5 years, to elevate redemptive entrepreneurs and influence the AI age with hope and human-centric innovation.

Why Build with Us?

Building a venture is hard. Throw in AI plus a redemptive vision and it is even harder. Many entrepreneurs toil with ideas or spin their wheels for years. Our aim is to reduce years to months by surrounding you with the right people, process, and technology, to launch your venture with lasting impact.

Redemptive Imagination

We design ventures to be redemptive at their core, from inception to exit, in partnership with Praxis using the redemptive frame.

AI as a Competitive Edge

Our studio embeds AI into the DNA of your venture, enhancing both product and process to give you a competitive, strategic edge.

Proven Experience

Our team has experience helping 200+ companies build and deploy AI. And raised $80M to scale a redemptive venture to 7,000 people around the world.

Aligned Capital

Beyond conventional venture capital, our funding aligns with your mission and values, offering patient, strategic capital that nurtures long-term impact.

Structure and Governance

Going beyond the B-Corp, our R-Corp model aligns governance, operations, and impact with redemptive principles, redefining traditional business structures.

Community and Network Access

Gain access to the studio and Praxis networks for mentorship, industry insights, and peer support, fostering a collaborative ecosystem for your venture's growth and success.
Our Model

Venture Studios are not mere accelerators or incubators; we are innovative company builders. With a track record of creating businesses from inception to success, we offer a unique blend of resources, expertise, and hands-on collaboration. This model isn't just about starting companies; it's about helping the next generation of redemptive entrepreneurs navigate the age of AI.

At the heart of our model lies a simple yet powerful idea: creating impactful businesses by fusing groundbreaking ideas with the right people. Each of our ventures starts with either approach:

People-Centric: We partner with visionary individuals, agnostic to the idea, focusing solely on their potential. Together, we discover and cultivate a concept that resonates with both of us.

Idea-Driven: We also conceive and nurture ideas independently, then move into discovery and validation. As early as we can, we bring in a leader as co-founder, ensuring they’re deeply invested in the journey ahead.

We provide a full ecosystem for startups, balancing ideation, fundraising, product development, and brand building. Our role is multifaceted – part investor, part incubator, wholly dedicated to transforming visions into realities.

"This is the moment where vision meets execution, propelling your ideas into ventures that redefine industries and drive human flourishing."

Today is the day that you begin your journey to reshape the future. 🙌

Opportunities for
Redemptive Innovation (ORIs)
We use the framework below from our partner Praxis to ideate and find opportunity. We want to help more redemptive entrepreneurs build in these areas, using their ingenuity to create ventures that make the world more beautiful, just, and humane.
Enriching the Family from Dating to Parenting & Caregiving

Improving the vulnerable state of the family, from formation (dating, engagement, wedding) to longevity (marriage, parenting), through healthy relationships, communication, and covenantal practices.

Renewing the Neighborhood

Renewing neighborhoods through community development, economic empowerment, and spiritual transformation.

Developing New Labor Models & “Good Jobs”

Developing new labor models and “good jobs” that provide meaningful work, dignified pay, and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Redemptive Application of Frontier Technologies

Redemptive application of frontier technologies such as AI and biotech to emphasize Christian ethics, human flourishing, and helping the vulnerable over mere efficiency.

Reversing the Mental Health Crisis

Providing innovative, Christ-centered solutions to the mental health crisis, bringing hope and healing to individuals and communities.

Managing Technology in Everyday Life

Helping individuals and families navigate technology in a way that promotes human flourishing and spiritual growth.

Creative Resourcing in Immigration & Refugee Resettlement

Providing creative resources and innovative solutions to support immigrants and refugees in their resettlement journey, including job placement, housing, education, and integration programs.

Redemptive Storytelling in the Arts, Entertainment, and Media

Using media and storytelling to shape culture, inspire creativity, and communicate redemptive truth.

New Solutions in Adoption & Foster Care

Developing new solutions for adoption and foster care, focusing on the well-being and permanency of children.

Redemptive Design in the Built Environment

Creating beautiful, sustainable, and socially responsible built environments that reflect God’s creative and redemptive purposes.

Preventing War & Reversing Its Consequences

Preventing war and its devastating consequences through conflict prevention, diplomacy, and peacemaking.

Decentralization, Privacy, and Property Rights Through the Blockchain

Exploring blockchain’s transformative potential for decentralized structures, privacy, and property rights, fostering freedom and opportunities for vulnerable groups.

Third Way Approaches to Polarization

Developing third-way approaches to political polarization, promoting dialogue, understanding, and civility across differences.

Rethinking Mission & Discipleship in the “Post-Christian” West

Explore innovative solutions such as cross-cultural engagement, redefined church economics, and technology to connect with the next generation, preventing potential disengagement from Christianity by 2050.

Interventions & Innovation in Global Shelter

Innovating new solutions to global shelter needs, including affordable housing, disaster relief, and refugee resettlement.

Large-Scale Innovation for Environmental Stewardship

Innovating large-scale solutions to environmental problems, including climate change, pollution, and resource depletion.

The Practical Education of Society & New Forms of Credentialing

Addressing educational challenges, explore ventures creating alternative learning services and innovative credentials to reshape education, alleviate debt, and enhance career opportunities.

Building Virtue-Driven Consumer Brands

Building consumer brands that promote virtuous living and contribute to human flourishing.

Meaningful Interventions into Healthcare’s Quagmire

Intervening meaningfully in the complex and challenging landscape of healthcare to bring healing, wholeness, innovative solutions.

Infrastructure Building in Developing Economies

Seeking scalable ventures for infrastructure in developing economies to drive long-term growth, improved healthcare, and government transparency, beyond traditional relief efforts.

The Restoration of Wealth, Truth, and Power to African-Americans

Restoring wealth, truth, and power to African-Americans through justice, equity, and empowerment initiatives.

Building a Sustainable Food System

Exploring ventures for pragmatic, systematic changes in the global food system, addressing issues in production, marketing, and sustainability to enhance health and reduce environmental impact.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Ethics in Fashion

Promoting ethics and sustainability in the fashion industry through responsible manufacturing and supply chain practices.

Disrupting Incentives in Human Trafficking Systems

Disrupting the incentives in human trafficking systems through innovative strategies and collaborative efforts.

Grace-Led Approaches to Anti-Racism

We are committed to human-centric innovation at Sprout AI Studio. Our ventures are designed to address the pivotal issues of our era, leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence while keeping the focus on the needs and well-being of people.

Entrepreneurship & Capital for Upward Mobility

Promoting entrepreneurship and providing capital for upward mobility, particularly for historically marginalized communities.

Equitable Legal Rights & Representation

Promoting equitable legal rights and representation, particularly for the poor and marginalized, to ensure justice for all.

The Renewal of Civic Engagement

Renewing civic engagement by mobilizing individuals, churches, and organizations to work towards the common good in their communities.

Creative and Generous Ownership Structures

Creating new ownership structures that prioritize generosity, social impact, and long-term flourishing over short-term profit.

Valuing Special Needs as a Gift to Society

Promoting the value of individuals with special needs as indispensable contributors to a more humane and ethical society.

New Business Models for Investment Vehicles

Developing new business models for investment vehicles that prioritize social impact and redemptive purposes.

Addiction Interventions & Care Services

Addressing the addiction epidemic and providing care for those affected.

Activating Philanthropic Capital

Activating philanthropic capital for redemptive purposes and investing in innovative solutions to complex social problems.

Designing the Hybrid Workplace for Human Flourishing

Designing the workplace for human flourishing, prioritizing employee well-being, productivity, and creativity.

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